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Farina Tahini | Ontario | 2017-05-04

The dealership was top notch! My wife and I have recently purchased two Cayennes through Mike McNeely. After deciding which car I wanted, the process was very friendly and professional. Mike was able to satisfy us with a great discount. I was very pleased with the overall experience and would recommend Mike for anyone whose interested in buying a Porsche.

Martin Racicot | Québec | 2017-03-09

Mon Porsche Macan a brisé un dimanche du mois de mars au centre de ski Mont Ste-Marie (75 min de route de Mark motors). Lundi midi, un camion plate-forme est arrivé avec un Cayenne de remplacement et a remorqué mon Macan au garage. Le lendemain, la pièce était reçu, la direction réparée. Je ne pouvais me rendre au garage avant mardi 20:00 (c'était sur mon chemin de retour), un mécanicien m'a attendu pour faire l'échange! Et mon camion fut acheté à Laval. Quel super service, comme toujours chez Porsche. Merci

andy taylor | ON | 2016-03-25

These guys work hard to make the customer happy.

Alan Au | Ontario | 2016-12-05

I was very impressed with the hassle free services from Mark Motors Porsche. Manuel Pereira and the staff took care of all the details in bringing my first Porsche home to Toronto. I would definitely recommend this dealership for high quality products, excellent customer service and value for the dollar. A++++

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