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Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge

Porsche Classic Restoration | 1969 911E


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Marketed by Porsche as the most luxurious and comfortable model in the 911 range, the 911E slotted right in between the 911T and 911S, replacing the one-year-only 911L. ‘E’ stood for Einspritzung, German for “injection,” as the 911E was fitted with mechanical fuel injection, rather than carburetors which could be found in the 911 T and 911S. Nineteen sixty-nine would be the first year for the 911E, and it remained in production through 1973.

According to its accompanying Porsche Production Specification certificate, this 911E was originally finished in the Porsche custom colour of Signal Yellow over a black leatherette. Furthermore, it was not fitted with a sunroof. Equipped with engine noise suppression, an antenna, loudspeaker, and Michelin tires, it was completed by the factory on May 23rd, 1969 prior to being delivered new to Ottawa, where it is believed to have spent the majority of its life.



Restoration Team


Mark Motors Porsche Centre

Michael Mrak      Dealer Principal

Paul Renaud         General Manager

Brian Miner           CPO Manager

Eric Tremblay       Service Manager

Rick Volkmer        Parts Associate

Hans Fracke          Gold Technician

Marketing Team

Liza Mrak                         Executive VP

Robyn Hunter                Marketing Associate

Matt Jones                     Photography / Videography

Body Shop

Andreas Mrak         Production Manager

Vincent Mrak          Production Assistant Manager

Rudy Seegobin       Auto Body Repair Technician




Technical Specs



Production Completion            05/23/1969

Certificate ID Number               119220896

Model Year / Type                        1969 911E Karmann Coupe

Exterior Paint                                  Signal Yellow

Interior Material                             Black Leatherette

Power                         140 horsepower at 6,500 rpm

Torque                        129 foot-pounds at 4,500 rpm

Fuel Type                    Bosch mechanical fuel injection

Wheelbase                 89.4 inches

Weight                        2,250 lbs





December 2019  |  Pre-Restoration








Winter 2020  |  Body Work


The car has arrived at the body shop and is undergoing a lot of work. Andreas and Vincent have disassembled the car down to just the body.
They removed the wheels, axels and suspension, as well as all the interior pieces, like the dashboard, steering wheel and steering column. 


They then removed all the exterior lighting and bumpers as well as the front fenders.
They removed everything right down to the shell of the car so they can begin assessing the actual condition of the body. 






Under the front fenders, they discovered a lot of sealer and paint that needed to be removed in order to see what condition the actual sheet metal was in.
They painstakingly removed all of the excess sealer and got the front of the car down to the sheet metal.


They are looking for any places on which the car has had patch work done (whether due to rust or to small accidents) so that they can restore it back to factory Porsche standards.






They’ll continue this same process on the rocker panels and anywhere it’s needed on the back end of the car.




Spring 2020  |  New Beginnings

 The Porsche logo is the beacon that drives us forward throughout the spring, as we continue to navigate through the inner workings of the body. 

Motor vehicle Emblem Pors He Stuttghri

It's Hammer time! 

Motor vehicle Yellow  Table Glass Tableware 華   Pliers Tool Bicycle part Vehicle

Learning that Ferdinand Porsche was right when he said "Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult".

Motor vehicle Hood Yellow   Yellow Motor vehicle   Motor vehicle Yellow

There is certainly a challenge ahead of us but one we will rise to. Our 911E now has legs from the ground up!

Motor vehicle Yellow Vehicle  Motor vehicle Yellow   Motor vehicle D000 D000

Taking a moment to appreciate the craftmanship. It's all about those lines … 


 July 2020  |  Alignment & Epoxy 

Tough times won't stop us! Restoration to the front end of the 911E is proving to be a challenging task as spare parts are not readily available.

Nevertheless, replacement components are being custom made, in-house, to fit the required specifications.


Some of the sections of the Porsche have now been layered with an epoxy in preparation for a new coat of paint. Once the rest of the body work is completed, the entire car will be moved to our on-site painting facility. 


While they say hard work should not go unnoticed, let's keep following to catch a glimpse of the progress before our final coat of Signal Yellow masks the epoxy workmanship!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Motor vehicle Vehicle Yellow

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Land vehicle Vehicle Go Mm Land vehicle Vehicle Car

August 2020 | Refinement

Mid-summer and Mid-Project! The body is coming together as Vincent sands down all unwanted scraps allowing the iconic Porsche curves we all know and love to come to light.

No inch is spared in search for anomalies; a necessary assignment in the pursuit of perfection.

A time-consuming task, yet a mandatory step before the continuation of the project.

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