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Porsche Classic Fuel Additive

Plus tax

True strength comes from within,

particularly when it comes to classic Porsche vehicles. It is even more important to keep an eye on what is on the inside of these cars. And by this we don't mean their engines or their high-performance equipment, but their fuel. The fuel circuit is especially important in classic cars.

If we think of the engine as the heart of your Porsche, the fuel circuit is the veins that jeep life flowing through the vehicle body. So what actually happens to the fuel when your classic car is not out on the road? When classic cars are not used on a regular basis, or especially when they are stored during winter, the fuel is an important topic to consider. Fuel additive from Porsche Classic helps - with the "Made in Germany" quality you expect."

Now: $16.95 + tax

Part Number: 00004420622


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