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Porsche Cleaning Products

Summer is the perfect time of year to take your Porsche out for a cruise, whether you're driving through the Byward Market or out to the cottage - you want to make sure your vehicle is looking its best!

Regular detailing of your Porsche not only preserves and protects your vehicle, but also brings out that beautiful like-new shine!

Visit our
 Parts department today and stock up on Genuine cleaning products to care for your Porsche!

Porsche Coupe Set
Cabriolet Care Set 

Cleaning and care set in an aluminum case containing special care products for hood, leather, bodywork and glass. This set includes window cleaner (250mL), inside glass cleaner (100mL), leather cleaner (100mL), leather conditioner, hard wax (250mL), wash shampoo & convertible top cleaner, convertible top conditioner (400mL), sponge.

$209 + tax

Porsche Coupe Care Set
Coupe Care Set 

Optimally matched high-quality care products specially approved for the interior and exterior of your Porsche, in a handy bag. This set includes insect remover, washing shampoo, paint polish, hard wax, window cleaner, inside glass cleaner, leather conditioner, cloths, sponges and wash leather.

$209 + tax

  Porsche leather care set

Leather Care Set  

Cleaning and care set for Porsche leather interior in a practical carry case. Contains leather cleaner (100mL), leather conditioner (100mL), sponges and cloths.

$78 + tax

Porsche Rim Care set

Rim Care Set   

Cleaning and care product set for allow wheels in a practical carry case. Includes rim cleaner (500mL), sponge and three-piece brush set for ingrained dirt.

$112 + tax

Porsche Convertible Top Care

Convertible Top Care 

Convertible top conditioner, 400mL spray bottle. Fabric-protecting long-term impregnation.

$27 + tax

Porsche Convertible Top Shampoo

Shampoo and Convertible Top Cleaner  

Washing shampoo and convertible top cleaner (250mL). Preserves the water-repellent effect of the convertible top and does not attack the wax and preserving coatings.

$20 + tax

Porsche Paint Polish

Paint Polish  

Paint polish (250mL).
Removes haze and superficial scratches.

$19 + tax

Porsche Insect Remover

Insect Remover  

Insect remover (500mL) bottle with spray head. Removes even stubborn insect residue thanks to the excellent cleaning power of the gel formula.

$20 + tax

Porsche Hard Wax

Hard Wax  

Hard wax (250mL).
Original deep gloss and lasting protection without streaks or haze.

$19 + tax

Porsche Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner   

Leather cleaner (100mL) for a smooth-finish leather. Removes dirt and stains without altering the original color.

$10 + tax

Porsche Leather Conditioner

Leather Conditioner   

100mL bottle.
Preserves the natural suppleness of the leather.

$29 + tax

Porsche Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth   

3 each. The microfiber cleaning cloth is ideal for efficient and gentle cleaning of the PCM touchscreen and other sensitive surfaces in the interior.

$25 + tax

Porsche Rim Cleaner

Rim Cleaner   

500mL bottle with spray head. Cleans thoroughly and gently. Removes even stubborn dirt.

$28 + tax 


To learn more about our Porsche cleaning products and which ones are right for your vehicle, contact our Parts Department