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Wheel Alignments

Keep Your Car Perfectly Porsche.

All part of the performance

It’s not only the engine that creates the dynamic sports car performance of your Porsche. The tires play an essential role too. After all, they are the only part of your Porsche in direct contact with the road. So every revolution of the engine, every movement of the steering wheel, and every touch of the brake pedal can only have an effect thanks to the right properly maintained tires.

The winter season and road conditions can be harsh and cause misalignment. It is recommended that you service your tires annually to avoid such things as:

- premature wear of tires

- increased fuel consumption

- poor tire performance

- poor vehicle handling

Signs that your Porsche is ready for a wheel alignment:

- pulling to one side (most commonly the right side)

- a vibration in your steeling wheel

It is important to remember that small misalignments can easily go unnoticed. We are always at your service online or by calling us at 613-749-4275 and can help you with any questions you may have to keep your car perfectly Porsche.